Familiar Review: Rock Lobster

23 11 2009

I picked up the familiar Rock Lobster recently and actually used it in my Sauceror hardcore run.  Here is what I found:


-Does a pretty good amount of Hot damage (hurts most enemies)

-When it attacks it gives you MP points to the same amount as the attack; this is endlessly useful as a Sauceror.  Keeps you from having to refill your MPs all the time saving you adventures and or meat. For this reason, the Rock Lobster rivals the Blood-Faced Volleyball and Hovering Sombrero as far as usefullness in hardcore Mysticality runs.

-Give floaty sand which, once you acquie 125 of them, can be smashed into a floaty rock… (which is valauble in the mall and can make floaty stuff)

-Attacks fairly regularly

– Was able to attack the Naughty Sorceress numerous times and return more MP then she managed to steal.

-Can go underwater as is.


-If this familiar gave stat bonuses, this would be the most popular familiar in the game for Mysticality runs.

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 5 (Floaty Sand = $$$ at the Mall)

Ease of Acquisition: 2 (The time to get this one has come and gone, but still under $3Mil at the Mall)

Uniqueness: 5 (a cool gem)

Total Grade: 4 B




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