Location Review: The Hole in the Sky? More like hole in the game!

23 11 2009

With the Hole in the Sky so difficult to get to, it is very odd that:

1. Adventuring there only gets items for making Star items

2. The items you can create consist of Armor, Weapons, and one combat familiar.

3. To get to the Naughty Sorceress, you need to adventure here quite a few times.

Here is why this is odd, even in the 8-bit Realm, where all you get are pixels there are a couple extra, non-pixel items to acquire and pixels can be used for making Armor, Weapons, potions, and food. 

The bottom line: The Hole in the Sky is one of the worst/most boring/least useful places to adventure in the whole of the Kingdom of Loathing… seriously, would a non-combat adventure be so hard?

Oh and just for reference, each ascension, you need the following star items (plus the star starfish = 6 Stars, 4 Lines

Richard Star Key = (1 star chart + 8 stars + 7 lines)

Star Hat = (1 star chart + 5 stars + 3 lines)

and any one of the following:

Star Crossbow  = 5 Stars, 6 Lines
Star Staff   = 6 Stars, 5 Lines
Star Sword   = 7 Stars, 4 Lines




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