Player Class Review: Sauceror, oh how I loathe thee!

23 11 2009

I just finished my first Hardcore KOL run… and I, foolishly did it as a Sauceror! I have played all the characters and the Sauceror is the worst… well, maybe the Accordian Thief is close to as bad… but the Sauceror just stinks. Because the Sauceror’s special ability is to create reagents (which does not equal food, thus does not add to your adventures unless coupled with Pastamastery) this run was wicked slow… The reagents were great for fighting baddies and selling at the mall… unfortunately, the potions and buffs have no effect on the Naughty Soreceress… in fact, I ended up having to run around the Palindrome for a few days to buff my moxie high enough to beat her hand to hand! Terrible!
Why didn’t I use a cheffstaff you say? Perhaps because a Sauceror lacks Pastamastery, the key ingredient to making a cheffstaff in hardcore…
So here is my summation of the Sauceror…

– Reagents! Can work magic on all but one enemy.
-Reagents are 10x as useful once you have Pastamastery

-No real powerful powers
-Cannot attain chefstaves
-No fun side stuff like Seal Clubbing, Turtle Taming, or Pasta Summoning
-No powers to increase adventures from food (unless you have Pastamastery)
-Only effective attacks are MP based, so you must always be “reloading” MPs… which costs meat or adventures.

Bottom Line: Your first Hardcore Sauceror run MUST be after you attain Pastamastery as a Hardcore Permenant skill.




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