Familiar Review: Blood Faced Volleyball and Hovering Sombrero

24 11 2009

The Blood Faced Volleyball and Hovering Sombrero are EXTREMELY useful, so much so, that they make using other familiars (except for select Mr. Store familiars) a waste of time.  In that sense, they ruin the fun of having a wild managerie of familiars with different attacks, powers, etc. Seriously, I have a TON of familiars and, until now, only a handful of them got played… but from now on, I am not using the Blood Faced Volleyball or Hovering Sombrero… Rock Lobster? Yup. Stinky Gravy Fairy? Of course! Angry goat? Well, maybe not. Cocoabo? Certainly! Ghost Pickle on a Stick? Without a doubt!  Down with Wilsson and Mr. Hat! Up with weird, multi-talented familiars!

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 4 (Stat Gain!)

Ease of Acquisition: 5 (Readily available)

Uniqueness: 5 (Cool theme)

Total Grade: 4.6 A-




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