Location Reviews: The Bounty Hunter Hunter’s Shack (stinks)

24 11 2009

Welcome to the Bounty Hunter Hunter’s Shack! Ready to do some bounty hunting? Problem is, every bounty takes about 40 turns, you can only do one a day, and, unlike the old days, every bounty only gets you one filthy lucre! This means the items you can purchase scost the following:

– bowl of bounty-Os, Oreille Divisee brandy or odor extractor = 40 adventures (1 filty lucre)

-Bounty hunting rifle, helmet, or pants = minimum of 15 days each and 600 adventures. 45 days for the full outfit and 1,800 adventures (45 filty lucre).

-pompadour’d puppy (familiar) = 100 days minimum and 4,000 adventures

-Manual of Transcendent Olfaction = 200 days minimum and 8,000 adventures

No video game should require 200 days and about half of your adventures on those 200 days devoted to one task!

Ultimately, the Bounty Hunter Hunter’s Shack is worthwhile to get the Bounty Hunter tattoo and the occasional bottle of  Oreille Divisee brandy (especially when you are first starting out).

Also, always check here for bounties in places you will be adventuring… two birds, one stone, you get it. 

So the Bounty Hunter Hunter’s Shack is in dire need of an overhaul… maybe make filty lucre tradeable or something… anything!




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