Moxie Buffing Strategy: Welcome to the Palindrome and Haunted Bathroom

24 11 2009

Okay, so if your Moxie is over 210, you will defeat the Naughty Sorceress MAYBE only getting hit once.  But with a non-Moxie class character, how do you do this?  Most other classes have better methods of defeating the NS, but if you are a Sauceror without a chefstaff, this is what you need to do:

Equip yourself with any stat building equipment or weapons (Ocarina of Space comes to mind immediately) and grab a stat gaining familiar (Hovering Sombrero is probably your best bet).  Now go battle in the Haunted Bathroom at lower levels and the Palindrome once you can do this safely.  It will take time, but keep at these levels and pay close attention to these non-combat adventures. 

 In the Haunted Batroom, there is an adventure where you can pick if you want to Armwrestle, something else, and something else. I am not sure if this changes with each class, but start at the bottom option and figure out which one gives a large moxie stat gain (100+ points).  Also, get the Antique Handmirror and defeat the guy made of bees… he drops the Guy Made of Bee Pollen which is not food, but gives you adventures and a solid stat boost, so you can eat this when you are full!

In the Palindrome, in the Papaya battle adventure, always give the men a pep talk to get 100+ boost of all of your stats and in the suntan adventure, select “A Little While” to get a 150+ moxie stat gain. 

Needless to say, you still need to eat and drink to gain new adventures.

Useful Tip:

#1  I would get to the Giant Familiar portion of the Naughty Sorceress quest, run my familiars through the cake-shaped arena until they received their equipment, then head into the Palindrome to buff my moxie and my familiar at the same time.  Doing this, I only had to spend one or two extra days just buffing moxie.

#2 Create a custom outfit for stat building.

#3 Create a custom outfit with all of your best moxie increasing equipment and weapons.  This way you can slap the outfit on to see if you are up to 210 yet real easy.  Then you put your leveling up outfit back on until you reach 210.




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