Familiar Review: Cuddlefish

1 12 2009

The Cuddlefish is a solid multi-talented familiar, with one big drawback. Here is the skinny:

1. The Cuddlefish acts like a Levitating Potato, preventing you enemy from attacking

2. The Cuddlefish “cuddles” with you giving a Ghoul Whelp-like MP and HP gain after battle.

3. The Cuddlefish is free to go underwater.

The catch? The cuddlefish is not as effective on land (3/4 as effective on land, in fact), but in the latter parts of a run, in the Sea, the Cuddlefish is a stud.  Either on land or in the Sea, the Cuddlefish has that combination of useful battle power and HP & MP regeneration that will make you like the little squid.

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 4 (Combines power of two very useful familiars)

Ease of Acquisition: 5 (Available and cheap at the mall)

Uniqueness: 2 (Who doesn’t like cuddlefish? Similar to the Emo Squid, though)

Total Grade: 3.6 B-




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