Familiar Review: Moxie class? Consider Levitating Potato

1 12 2009

Are you in a moxie class run? Consider the Levitating Potato! The Levitating Potato tangles up your opponent and prevents them from attacking for a turn. When you are in a moxie class, your goal is to not get hit using moxie. This familiar also prevents you from getting hit making it a natural fit for a moxie class player. I have found, that with a high-level Levitating Potato, combat for moxie class players is much easier and more successful. Also, a level 20 Levitating Potato can be required in the Naughty Sorceress quest.

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 3 (Average in combat and can be used for the NS quest)

Ease of Acquisition: 5 (Readily available… I even have a couple you could have)

Uniqueness: 3 (Even though the abilities are not unique, the character is quite unique)

Total Grade: 3.6 B-




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