Familiar Review: Sugar Fruit Fairy

1 12 2009

Here is one of those familiars that is very helpful, but can be a nightmare at the same time.  The Sugar Fruit Fairy, acquired at the Mr. Store or in the Mall does three things:

1. Acts like any other fairy, thus, increasing item drops. (Which is crazy useful)

2. Steals your MPs and gives you stat bonuses like a Blood Faced Volleyball. This is great, except if you are a mysticality class, then this is horrible.  Also, if you run out of MPs, it gives you sugar plums you can eat when you have MPs to exchange MPs for stat gains.  If you are equipped with items that regenerate MPs… this could be the best familiar in the game for you… as you get the two most useful skills (Stat bonus + item drop) rolled up into one… if you are not planning on using MPs… that is.

3. Drops candy bananas, candy cherries, and candy grapes, which give buffs like reagent potions.

Bottom line: Vastly useful if you have no need for MPs and have MP regenerating equipment… so a special case scenario familiar, but a really good special case sceanario familiar…

UPDATE: This familiar is far less of a hinderance at higher levels as the amount of MPs it takes per combat is between 11 and 19 at level 20. This is much more managable at higher levels even as a Pastamancer.

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 4 (Stat gain and item %+ is pretty high on anyone’s list, if you can live with the MP drain)

Ease of Acquisition: 1 (Mall only and over 5 Million Meat)

Uniqueness: 4 (Another fairy, but at least not a clone of the other faires. Only way to get “runts” candy in the game)

Total Grade: 3.0 C




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