Strategy: Increase stat gain and still use fun familiars!

3 12 2009

Since vowing to never again use the Hovering Sombrero or Blood Faced Volleyball, I have had to find new ways to speed up my stat gains… and here is how I am doing it:

Step 1: Equip items that increase monster level. This will make monsters harder to kill, but give higher stat benefits. (I am currently using the Steel Scarf)

Step 2: Get a familiar that can help you survive in combat by attacking, restoring HP/MPs, slowing or stopping enemy attacks, etc. Anything to make beating monsters easier. Done correctly, this should make battle easier than without increasing monster level.

Step 3: Don’t forget to acquire the MacGuffin and Naughty Sorceress quest  items like keys, red pixel potions, WAND, etc and open required areas like Spookyraven manor and the Pirate ship as soon as can be done safely. Doing it now, the stat gains/items at these locations are useful, later on, the stat gains are way to low… a waste of time.

Why is this strategy superior to the sombrero-volleyball strategy you ask??

By using a multi-talented familiar like Cocoabo or Rock Lobster, you gain useful and valuable items and/or meat!

Combat is way, way more fun.

You can regain your self-respect; or gain some if you never had any.




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