Link: Welcome to kBay!

4 12 2009

kBay is the eBay of KoL items (for non-hardcore players… sorry hardcore people!).  It can be found here:

So why would anyone want to add the complexity of auctions when the mall already seems robust? Here is why: items found in Clan Claw machines and basements cannot be sold in the mall, but they can be sold on kBay. Also, you can save a ton of meat using kBay to acquire that one rare thing you need. Also, there are a lot of bulk buy opportunities.

 You can also sell stuff on there and make more meat than normal.  For example, if you have 5,000 seal clubs, you could get 5,000 meat by selling them, you would never sell any of them in the mall, but on kBay, the idea of having a large collecting of seal clubs might be appealing!

Go check out their auctions.  Once you have done one auction, you will find it is totally easy, fun like eBay, and a great place to save meat on those must have items.




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