Strategy: The Cake Shaped Arena

7 12 2009

So, here is the neverending question: Is it worth 10 adventures and 1000 meat to buff your familiar and get their equipment?  In my opinion, relying on familiars for more than just stat gain, I would say absolutely yes!  Not only does your familiar get buffed, but they end up with equipment that adds 5 pounds to their weight, thus, if your familiar is at level 20, they fight at level 25! These over 20 levels are where your familiars really get effective… and useful for safe adventuring and excess gains…  it is 10 adventures and 1000 meat… well worth the time. 

The only familiar I do not recommend doing this for is the Blood Faced Volleyball if you plan to swith to the hovering sombrero… by the time you get you volleyball into the 20+ weight area, you will be switching to the hovering sombrero.




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