Strategy: Things to do each and every rollover

7 12 2009

KoL has a number of things that occur at each rollover (day).  To make the best use of your character, be sure to do these things each day:

1. If you have Pastamastery, Advanced Saucery, and/or Advanced Cocktailcrafting, make you max number of items via these skills each day. 

2. If you have completed the Hey Daze area, get a blessing from one of the brothers each day (I normally get the one that increases familiar stat gain unless my familiar is already completely leveled up)

3. If you have completed the Hippy Store quest, collect your <$5,000 each day.

4. If you have a clan rumpus room with a claw machine, take your three turns each day (this can be done in Hardcore!, may seem slight but you occasionally get good items and you can sell any useless items for meat).

5. Participate in Holidays!!! This is where those of us who have no Mr. Store money get top quality, rare,  and expensive items.




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