Strategy: What do I do with Harold’s Bell?

9 12 2009

So you are wondering what to do with Harold’s Bell once you find it… it is a one-time use item and only appears once per ascension… so what are you going to do with it?  Here is how I use it. The bell scares off whichever type of enemy you use it on for a few adventures.  I think using this at the Goatlet to scare off the Sabre-toothed goats when I am trying to acquire the goat cheese for that one quest. This has proven extremely helpful and saves me tons of time.  The Sabre toothed Goats seem to show up in combat 8 of 10 times, and they drop nothing! The drunk goats and dairy goats are the ones who drop the goods.  I am sure there are other places to use this but this is how I do it.




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