Strategy: Moon Signs

12 12 2009

I have played mysticality, moxie, and muscle moon signs and here is how I see them:


Gives you access to the Gnome camp on the desert beach.


Five useful skills can be purchased for $5,000 per skill

Can purchase mixed drinks

Access to supertinkering which can net you a number of familiars and good equipment


 The Gnome quest is really long and the prize is not very good.


Great place to do your first couple hardcore runs as you can increase item drops via a gnome skill and mixed drinks are hard to come by until you have learned advanced cocktailcrafting. Definitely the best Moon sign for beginners.


Gives you access to little Canadia


You can buy food here

You can make jewelry here

No extra quests

Only one familiar available here (Whirling Maple Leaf)

Summary: Not a great moon sign for anyone… needs improvement. Do it once to get the Tatoo and the Maple Leaf.


Gives you access to the rest of Degrassi Knoll.


A fun quest with  a great return (an actually useful multi-talented familiar!) You have to do this one four times to get all of them.

Another familiar is available.

A mushroom farm allowing you to grow mushrooms which you need for certain recipies and certain Chefstaves

A store for buying bugbear bakery goods.


No custom skills, food or booze to buy here.

Summary: Once you can make advanced cocktails and advanced recipes, this will be your new home.




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