Strategy: Mysterious Island War Tricks

14 12 2009

I have played the Mysterious Island War so many times on both sides.. the first few times, without any tricks, it was painfully long.  But with the right strategy, the war is a snap.

Start off: Hippy or frat? Does it really matter? Not really… however, going Hippy first gains you better rewards sooner and frat might be a little faster. Ultimately, beating more than four of the side adventures seems like a waste of time and the three hippy quests seem much more useful than the frat ones… so I tend to run it as a hippy.  So onto the tricks!

The Junkyard: Not my favorite. Not real hard, but the payout, an accessory, is not that great.

Mysterious Island Arena: The payoff for beating this quest is a daily buff much like the Deep Fat Friars.  If you have Ambidextrious Funkslinging (Disco Bandit) or Entangling Noodles (Pastamancer), this quest is super easy. Just goget the Antique Hand mirror in Spookyraven manor, and quest in the bathroom until you have said “Guy Made of Bees” five times.  When he pops up, entangle him, then use the rock band flyer, then the antique hand mirror or, using funkslinging, use the rock band flyers first, then the antique hand mirror.  That is it. Quest over.  However, if you are one of the four other classes, than the best method is to be a frat boy, get out of the frat costume and adventure at the filthworm lair giving each of the filthworms including the queen a rock band flyer; this should complete that quest.  Then, change back into frat clothes and when the Hippy store is accessable, stop in there and the quest is complete!

The Lighthouse: Payout is a daily ration of bombs… useful in softcore as these bombs can take out most lower level bosses in one shot; otherwise, it is what it is. No real trick to it, however, there are useful items at the Lighthouse like Limes and Rum.

The Organic Orchard: Defeat this like normal.  Usually the first quest I defeat as the reward is $4,000 to $5,000 each day just for stopping in, even after the war is over.

McMillicancuddy’s Farm: Payout is a daily portion of Megatofu for hippies and alcohol for frats during the war.  The trick here is use a chaos butterfly at anytime in the game before finishing the barn portion or this quest, then, when given choices, select ‘the barbed wire fence’ option, the ‘knock over the lantern’ option, and finally the ‘barrel’ option.  This will eliminate half of the ducks.

Our Lady of Perpetual Indecision: This is a long quest, but you get some daily refreshers of HPs here.  A nice trick here is to use a meat vortex on the bandits.  This will gain YOU, not the quest, between 500 and 1000 meat per.  Also, wearing meat drop increasers will speed this sucker up.




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