Familiar Review: The Ant Pitchfork (familiar equipment)

15 12 2009

I picked up the Ant Pitchfork (there are a bunch of zappable Ant items for your familiars) from the Really dry desert and it is awesome! You should pick one up! Here is what it does:

Any familiar can equip it

You familiar will do all of it’s normal things PLUS attack with Stench damage and pitchfork you extra meat! So that terrible familiar that is powerful but one dimensional like the Ghoul Whelp, is a dynamo with Ant Pitchfork! Also, familiars that do a lot, become absolute workhorses: here are some examples:
Rock Lobster will Do hot damage, give MP, give Floaty Sand, give meat, and do stench damage

Cocoabo will do damage, confuse enemies, restore MP and HP, give Meat, give more meat, and do stench damage.

It’s nuts! Get one!




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