Strategy: Crimbo Town 2009 Strategy

15 12 2009

So crimbo town is officially open.  For hardcore players, this can be tough as we may no have a few million extra meat hanging around (you can buy crimbux for 1,000 meat each) to just buy our way through it… so here is the strategy I am employing for Crimbo success:

1. Determine my targets in order: First, from the Crimbo Cartel, I want to purchase the pile of loose snow for 5000 crimbux. It is a familiar that is yet to be determined. Second order of business, but the Snowman suit for a total of 6000 crimbux.

2. Determine plan of attack: I have been given 3,000 crimbux to start and have completed the first daily task for Don Crimbo (50 adventures in the Crimbo Town Toy Factory gets you 250 Crimbux.  PLUS any buttons you collect, Don Crimbo will pay you for, so I put on all of my best increase item drop gear and grabbed my trusty Stinky Gravy Fairy (worth buffing first, remember, only 50 adventures total allowed today)

3. Be smart: I tried gambling an the gain is really slow… so I am sticking to honest adventures = crimbux. Next step is to buff the stuffing out of my Fairy to maximize item drop.

4. Payoff: I gained 420 crimbux using this method today. If everything stays status quo, it will take four more days (five days total) to get the familiar! Unfortunately, it will take an additional 14 days to get the snowman costume… Since today is the 15th, and there are 10 days until Christmas, seems like I will not be able to get the snowman suit this year. In fact, the total gain extimate from now through Christmas is everything stays the same is 4200 crimbux total.

5. Spend it all: When I get to the last day of Crimbo town, I will be sure to spend all of my Crimbux as I doubt they are redeemable elsewhere.

Merry Crimbo!




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