Update: Defeated NS… waiting through Crimbo to ascend

17 12 2009

So I made it through the NS quest in record time (for me) using the Pastamancer.  Now I will wait until after Crimbo to ascend (I am going Disco Bandit to get the Advanced Cocktailcrafting skill next). I intend on collecting three new familiars between now and then as well and sell some more stuff at the mall.

My ultimate or best Mysticality outfit for my Pastamancer was as follows:

Hat: Colander of Em-er’il

Shirt: White hat hacker t-shirt

Weapon: Greek Pasta of Peril

Off hand item: Kickback Cookbook

Pants: Bullet-Proof Corduroys

Accesories: Pirate Fledges, chintzy noodle ring, green clover of justice (a war medal)

Familiar: Magic Dragonfish

With the Magic Dragonfish, my spell levels were high enough not to need a Cheffstaff… next time I will use both a chefstaff and the Magic Dragonfish to really be killing that NS in a hurry.




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