Update: Naughty Sorceress Quest: Thoroughly Loathed

17 12 2009

Okay, I have run the NS quest a ton of times, but this time just was terrible.  In the three gates, I needed three items I did not have one of them being a Dungeons of Doom potion (where you end up trying 10 of them to get the right effect), one easy one, and Gremlin Juice. GREMLIN JUICE! Not only is the Junkyard a tough place to visit post war, but they do not drop Gremlin Juice very often. I had to run it about 30 times to get Gremlin Juice.  Then, on the tower, I needed a Pygmy Blowgun, which also took about 30 adventures to pick up! I loathe these parts of this quest… and don’t even get me started on the keys…




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