Familiar Review: Snow Angel

21 12 2009

So I finally picked up a loose pile of snow for Crimbo 2009 and now I have the Snow Angel Familiar and here is the lowdown:

It is a star-starfish type familiar that does cold damage and returns MPs to the same amount as the damage.

So… basically an improved attack familiar… could be useful to anyone using MPs in Hey Daze or other places weak vs. cold damage; especially considering if your attack does double damage against hot elemental monsters, you will get double MPs in return!  Not a terrible familiar, not a great familiar… I might use it again… Still the Rock Lobster, which does the same thing, only with hot damage and goes underwater and gives floaty sand, outclasses these regular Star-Starfish types.

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 3 (Average)

Ease of Acquisition: 2 (Cimbo 2009 only)

Uniqueness: 3 (Even though the abilities are not unique, the character is quite unique)

Total Grade: 2.6 C-




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