Strategy: Crimbo 2009 revised strategy

23 12 2009

So Crimbo 2009 is closing down soon, and here is my update to my Crimbo 2009 strategy:

I did not get the Snowman suit (or snowman tattoo), but I did get the Snow Angel familiar from the pile of loose snow. Also, I picked up the Crimbo Carol version for Pastamancers.  The Crimbo Carols are 1,000 crimbux and give you a unique Crimbo skill which can be PERMED! Had I known that, I would have waited to free the king… I could have permed it hardcore, but no big whoop… it is an attack spell that spills candy.  Regardless, the Crimbo Carol books are very valuable (over 1,000,000 meat each) in the Mall… so, my new goal is to pick up a second Crimbo Carol book. I will then save the book and perm it in a non-hardcore run later.

Only other adjustment I made was I bought the complete sponge outfit (it’s an unofficial outfit) from the mall (which restores MPs and HPs BIG TIME (more than 30 per combat adventure) as well as other things) and I set my autoattack to use Weapon of the Pastalord (which uses 24 MPs and kills in one hit).  This way, every crimbo takes one click and done… it is going much faster that way.

Merry Crimbo!




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