Familiar Review: Purse Rat

30 12 2009

I picked the Purse Rat up as a crimbo gift to myself off of kBay for 300,000 meat and that is a real bargain (it’s pre-familiar state is a designer handbag).  Here is what it does:

1. It increases monster level thus giving you more stats per fight.

That’s it. Nothing more, nothing less.  This is very effective for going back over easy areas searching for something and very effective for gaining stats. Otherwise boring… sort of like the third member of the Volleyball/Sombrero family.

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 4 (Stat gain)

Ease of Acquisition: 4 (kBay or Clan Hall)

Uniqueness: 5 (Funny and weirdly obscure)

Total Grade: 4.3 B+




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