Familiar Review: Imitation Crab

4 01 2010

The imitation crab is just another combat familiar, right? Not quite.  I randomly selected this one to see what it was all about and here is what the imitation crab does:

1. Every combat turn the imitation crab will perform a physical attack followed by a physical attack followed by a physical attack followed by a physical attack! Four attacks per combat turn! Sure, they are low level, but combined they are pretty powerful.  Plus, if you get the familiar equipment for this one (imitation whetstone) the familiar gains no weight, but does considerably more damamge per attack (and that is 4x per turn in combat.) With my Disco Bandit (as attack is not the Bandit’s strong suit) I typically take numerous combat turns to defeat any one given monster… since the imitation crab attacks every combat turn, the crab actually does the monster defeating for me. I just need to stay alive and help where I can.

2. This familiar can breathe underwater and is more effective underwater!

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 4 (Big time attack familiar)

Ease of Acquisition: 5 (Cheap at the mall, available later in game)

Uniqueness: 3 (different than other attack familiars and fish… but not that different)

Total Grade: 4..0 B




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