Familiar Review: Cotton Candy Carnie

12 01 2010

So I just ascended into a Turtle Tamer and picked up the Cotton Candy Carnie between ascensions at the mall for $3.8 Million. Let me just start by saying, I dig Scooby-Doo and this is clearly a copy of the Cotton Candy Glob ghosts (Mr. Crink and Sterling Smith were the villains real names, so I named mine Mr. Crink) from that show.  So I really like the concept on this one.  Here is what it does:

1. Acts like a levatating potato in that it prevents enemies from attacking.

2. Acts like a ghoul whelp as it gives HP and MP at the end of battle.

3. If your HP and MP are full at the end of combat, it will tear off a piece of cotton candy and give it to you for your inventory.  What does cotton candy do? It gives you MPs and HPs.  It does this up to 10 times a day.

The Bottom Line: Very, very useful.  Incredibly useful. Just a great combo of combat skills and HP/MP refreshment. 

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 5 (Incredibly useful combination of skills)

Ease of Acquisition: 2 (Mall only, but under $5 Million)

Uniqueness: 5 (Cool theme, cool powers, gives cotton candy! Scooby Doo references!)

Total Grade: 4.0 B




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