Familiar Reviews: At the Mall between 5 and 20 million meat

14 01 2010

So, I am going to have to really save to get my next familiar… here are the current prices of the hatchlings available at the mall for between 5 and 20 million meat (aka, my target group) and thier price in millions of meat.

So it goes:

Meat in millions: Name of Egg you can buy at the mall: (name of familiar): abilities

6.3 Bad Penguin Egg (Penguin Goodfella) Volleyball + Barrrnacle + drops goodfella contracts

7.0 Spooky Rattling Cigar box (Disembodied Hand) Uses any 1-handed weapon in combat 

5.2 Suspicious stocking (Stocking Mimic)  improved Cocoabo but only gains weight by eating candy 

5.9 Yuletide troll chrysalis (Ancient Yuletide Troll) volleyball + Ghoul Whelp

6.3 BRICKO Egg

6.5 Panicked Kernel

7.9 Sane hatrack (Mad Hatrack) Wears hats that cause different effect and increases hat drops 

6.8 Squamous polyp (Squamous Gibberer) Ghoul Whelp + Levitating Potato + Gives extra adventure at rollover 

7.1 Wizard action figure (Wizard Action Figure) Heals, delevels, attacks, and acts like a less effective volleyball and less effective Gravy Fairy  

8.6 Comma Chameleon Egg (Comma Chameleon) When you feed a piece of familiar equipment to a Comma Chameleon, it becomes that familiar for 30 turns.

7.9 Crimbo P.R.E.S.S.I.E. (Crimbo P.R.E.S.S.I.E.) attacks, delevels, restores MP, prevents monster from attacking, acts like a Volleyball (or a Sombrero with the right equipment), and gives funny buffs.

11.4Floaty Stone Sphere (He-Boulder) Leprechaun + Ghoul Whelp + Shoots lasers

14.7 Infant Sandworm (Baby Sandworm) Acts like Sombrero and drops 5 Agua de Vida per day (+4 Spleen) 

14.7 siesta-ing Casagnova gnome (Casagnova gnome) Leprechaun + Gravy Fairy 

7.4 mutant gila monster egg (mutant gila Monster) Ghoul Whelp + Improved Lime+ Poison Damage 

11.1 unemployed hunchbacked minion (hunchbacked minion) Volleyball + Leprechaun

13.9 Llama lama cria (llama lama) 1/2 Volleyball + delevels + drops gongs which let you go on spiritual journeys 

6.8 mutant cactus bud

8 mutant fire ant egg

7 mutant rattlesnake egg

13 Hanukkimbo dreidl (Hanukkimbo dreidl) similar to the Fuzzy Dice familiar 

13.9 Hungover chauvinist pig

16.9 Perfectly ordinary frog

13 Sweet nutcracker (Sweet Nutcracker) attacks like Pickle + buffs

17.4Class five ecto-larve

17.3 Passed out psychedelic bear

15.9 unwound cymbal playing monkey (Cymbal-Playing Monkey) Volleyball + Leprechaun

19.4 Astral Badger (Astral Badger) Attacks and drops Astral Mushrooms

18 jitterbug larve (Jitterbug) leprechaun + gravy fairy

19.2 homeless hobo spirit (Spirit Hobo) Volleyball + Starfish when given alcohol




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