Update: On to Turtle Tamer!

14 01 2010

So I finished the game as a Disco Bandit (kept Advanced Cocktailcrafting) and now I have ascended to become a Tutle Tamer in a muscle sign.  During the inbetween, I bought a Jack in the Box familiar on kBay (will review later) and a Cotton Candy Carnie familiar (see review) to add to my menagerie.  My Turtle Tamer goals are:

– hardcore perm Amphibian Sympathy

 – get the third elemental gravy fairy familiar (cold)

– get the sleazy gravy fairy familiar (missed it by one day in my last run, go figure)

-get the ninja pirate robot zombie familiar (already bought the head, I just need a chest of the bonerdragon)

-start saving my meat as the I have purchased all of the sub $5,000,000 meat familiars from the mall… could be a while before I get another familiar after this run.  Unless you wanted to send me one… yeah right!

-review at least the Jack in the Box, Cotton Candy Carnie and one other familiar.

So here we go, should take two weeks to knock out this run now that I have the big three crafting skills (Pastamastery, Advanced Saucecrafting, Advanced Cocktailcrafting).




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