Familiar Review: Jack In The Box aka Jack-in-the-box

19 01 2010


So I bought a Jack in the Box familiar off of kBay recently… and this is the lowdown on this familiar:

It gives stat gains at a higher rate than a Volleyball, but only “pops” giving the bonus every third combat.  Effectively, it is the same as the Volleyball, just with a different face and different mechanics.. might even be less effective than the Volleyball overall.  There are rumors that is also works like a fairy, but all current research and my experience says that is not true. UPDATE: This does work as a fairy when it pops! I was wrong <gasp!>

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 4 (Stat gain is always huge)

Ease of Acquisition: 1 (Was only given to clan members for Crimbo 2009 and can only otherwise be purchased on kBay until supplies run out… if you want this one, get it off of kBay now.)

Uniqueness: 1 (Not unique at all; just a Volleyball familiar)

Total Grade: 2.0 D





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