Player Class Review: The Truth about Accordion Thieves, Saucerors, and Turtle Tamers

5 02 2010

So, I easily acesnded as a Turtle Tamer… great character and picked up Amphibian Sympathy, the best passive in the game… and I am on to the Accordion Thief… and here is the truth about the Accordion Theif… and the truth about Saucerors and Turtle Tamers as well. They were all made as lessers; as near parodies of the actual classes of Disco Bandit, Pastamancer, and Seal Clubber… the logic is not perfect on Seal Clubber vs. Turtle Tamer, but here is the lowdown about “The Truth”:

 The Disco Bandit is a character identical to the Accordion Thief, except the Disco Bandit has a bunch of really awesome passive skills that can be used in every step of the game.  The Accordion Thief has similar skills that require buffing and cannot be used vs. the NS. Same holds true for Saucerors… and Turtle Tamers to some degree. They use buffing to become powerful; the real classes are imbued with passive powers and extreme attacks. So why play the lesser three? Well, they do have some skills worth perming, especially Amphibian Sympathy and Advanced Saucecrafting, but then there is a definite drop off.  Most of the great skills are with the Disco Bandit (passive +20 Item drop, passive +20 $$ drop, passive +? initiative boost, advanced cocktailcrafting, super advanced cocktailcrafting, ambidextrious funkslinging, etc) and the Pastamancer (Pastamastery, Entangling Noodles, etc…) The Seal Clubber’s skills are better viewed as a set of skills that allow for massive hand to hand attack.

So the Truth is: Accordion Theives, Saucerors, and Turtle Tamers are just add-ons, expansion packs, if you will, to the others.




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21 05 2011

Everything in all of your blog posts is wrong, at least the way KOL is now. Accordion Thieves easily have one of the easiest means of getting through the game between moxious madrigal for the early game and Superiority for the late game. If you’ve ascended sauceror and grabbed saucecrafting, there is nothing in the game that even gives them pause. You can grab their epic legendary weapon early in the game and between that and madrigal, you are nearly unhittable up until Giant’s Castle (and even then only by alphabet giants) and for everything that gives you any trouble at all you can simply chug a tomato potion and plow right through it.

As for amphibious sympathy, it’s very good yes, but mostly for making your runs faster from quicker item drops and whatnot. As far as survivability goes, I greatly prefer Tao of the Terrapin. Suddenly you have twice the normal damage absorption on your armor, and that’s just epically potent and stays that way right until the end of the game. Ever since I picked that up, I haven’t had anything I’d call a difficult run.

Saucerors are absolutely amazing by the way. The do lack Pastamancer’s entangling noodles, but what you aren’t thinking about are saucespheres and backsplash effects. Also, they actually CAN equip chefstaves via two means. More optimally, you get Pastamancer’s skill that allows them to do it, but Saucerors have an exclusive way of their own to use them by using the chef glove accessory which is rather expensive and available from the guild store. But here’s the thing, their spell damage is much higher than pastamancer’s. Their spells do cost a lot more, but then you get the last two of them. Wave of Sauce costs 23 MP, which is pretty expensive, but if you get your spell damage high enough to engage the back splash effect every time, your next spell gives back MP based on how much damage it inflicts. That’s where Sauce geyser comes in. Sauce geyser has no backsplash effect and no damage limit, so between burning/freezing soul, spell element alignment, and Jabanero Saucesphere, you can continually keep casting these spells back to back and actually restore MP in the process in the process if you reduce MP consumption of spells by even 1 point. That’s right, you cast Sauce Geyser and actually get significantly more MP than you spent on both spells. So this class is actually very very potent. The other good thing about saucerors is that potions last twice as long for them and they get three times as many potions for each one they cook, so that’s effectively 6 potions of for the relative cost of one if you planned to be boosted for more than one adventure (otherwise just three)

If anything, Pastamancer is the inferior class. Their spell damage is pitiful and aside from entangling noodles, they have basically nothing to their advantage. They do have more choices of elements to align their spells to, so that’s a plus. Really though, after picking up leash of linguini, pastamastery, entangling noodles, and transcendental noodlecraft, I have absolutely no desire to continue playing with pastamancer. Sauceror just blows them away.

21 05 2011

Oh, but I will say one thing, you are right about accordion thief being a lesser version of the disco bandit once you’ve permed everything for them. Aside from access to one of the easiest rivals/rival quests, they don’t have much going for them when it comes to making their skills better than they are with other classes. Saucerors and Turtle Tamers have a lot more going for them in this respect though. Turtle Tamers have combo skills that do tons and tons of damage while saucerors have excellent spells that seemingly never run out. You can’t do these things with other classes even if you perm the skills they use for them though. That’s what makes them worth playing even if you have taken the time to learn everything.

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