Strategy: Me and My Nemesis (for Disco Bandits) (caution spoilers)

8 03 2010

I just finished my first Me and My Nemesis quest (on the Volcanic island) and here are a few tips:

1. I did this BEFORE the MacGuffin quest… finishing the Nemesis quest makes the remaining levels much, much easier, so do it ASAP.

2. I play KoL on a cell phone, so I could not do the puzzle before the final nemesis battle… However, if you keep trying, eventually, it will let you skip the puzzle for 10 adventures!

3. The new skill “Funk Bluesgrass Fusion” is the key to defeating the final nemesis.. I tried buffing, but the boss scales… “Funk Bluegrass Fusion” delevels and I started combat doing that three times… then the final nemesis was so deleveled I took him out without any other tricks… just hit him regular.

4. The Pacifier Necklace you pick up as part of the rave costume gives +20 Sleaze damage… This is more than a little bit useful in the Mysterious Island War if fighting as a Frat Warrior (to pick up parts of the rave costume, you must use Goth Hadwave skill on each person you fight immediately following them doing a specific dance that you find impressive. Do this multiple times each and you will learn the three new dance moves. Then, do those three new dance moves in a row in a combat to get items… the only trick is: there is a specific order you must do the dance moves, so trial an error, right? But the same combo works for all combatants; once you get five of the six (or six of the six if you are awesome) pieces of rave equipment, put them on and enter the club. Then fight the daft punks, then you are fighting the boss part 1 of 2)

This Nemesis quest is not terribly hard and has HUGE moxie and skill payoffs… do it as soon as you can!




2 responses

18 03 2010

hey, what was the sequence of moves you used to get the items in “Outside the Club” ? i always do the “rave concentration” but no items are dropped =/

18 03 2010

You have to obtain all three of the dance moves using Goth Handwave first, not just rave concentration. Then you do the three new dance moves in a row in a single combat. In a certain sequence (I think it was alphabetical or reverse alphabetical for me, but this could be randomized), items will drop at the end of combat. It was not hard to figure out once I had all three of the dance moves acquire via Goth Handwave.

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