Auto Hardcore Perm Skills List

11 03 2010

I thought, for my benefit and yours, I would list the skills you can buy that are automatically hardcore permenant.  I will list them by price (least to most expensive) off of the Items of Loathing website.

Price: Item Name: Skill Name: Effect

$165K: Throbbing Rage Gland: Vent Rage Gland: 5 turns per day of venting rage (you do an extra auto attack your opponent each turn of attack, very useful for moxie classes and against bosses) There is no reason not to get this one… it’s cheap and permenant like an art class tattoo.

$4.9 Million: Sp’n-Zor’s Grimoire of “Tasteful” Gifts” Summon Tasteful Gifts: Gives you 5 “tasteful” items per day. (I have this one, and it is very, very useful.)

$5.0 Million: Rainbow’s Gravity: Rainbow Gravitation:  Let’s you smash items into prismatic wads (Seems like the least useful skill of the group for hardcore players or non-muscle class players)

$5.9 Million: Libram of Love Songs: Summon Love Songs: Play love songs

$6.2 Million: Libram of BRICKOs: Summon BRICKOs: Sumon BRICKOs that can be used to make stuff

$8.0 Million: Tome of Shugar Shummoning: Summon Sugar Sheets: Sugar sheets can be used to make sugar objects.

$16.5 Million: Scratch ‘n’ Sniff Sticker Tome: Summon Scratch ‘n; Sniff sitckers: get and use stickers.

$13.0 Million: Libram of Divine Favors: Summon Party Favors: Get Party favors

$18.0 Million: Libram of Candy Heart Summoning: Summon Candy Hearts: Get candy hearts

$25.0 Million: McPhee’s Grimoire of Hilarious Object Summoning: Summon Hilarious objects

$93.0 Million: Tome of Snowcone Summoning: Summon Snowcones: Gives Snowcones!




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