Familiar Review: Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie or NPRZ for short

12 03 2010

I picked up the Ninja Pirate Robot Zombie head at the mall for about $1 Million and compiled the rest over my many ascensions…. but when I started using this familiar, I forgot other familiars existed.  So far, this is hands down the best “Combat Survival” familiar in the game.
Here is what it does:

In combat it performs any one of these five things on any given combat turn (not fight) and it does one of  these things almost every combat turn; it is like having five combat familiars at oncel just incredibly effective.

1. Gives money (lots of money)

2. Heals HP and MP (at 2x it’s weight, so at level 25 or 30, you get a lot back)

3. Shoots toast stunning your opponent and giving you toast.

4. Delevels your opponent

5. Attacks

Grades: (5 = A, 1 = F)

Usefulness: 5 (Has it all except stat gain… really, the money, the HPs, the MPs, the toast, most useful familiar I have)

Ease of Acquisition: 2 (The head is only available at the mall (well, there is one ingredient that is rare, but it costs the same to buy the whole head) and requires a chest of the bonedragon, which is a quest item)

Uniqueness: 5 (Unique x5)

Total Grade: 4.0 B




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