Strategy: Brainy Skull Strategy

15 03 2010

So, I was questing for some brainy skulls to make a bartender in a  box, a chef in a box, and a meat maid. I was wondering which is the most efficient use of a brainy skull, so I did the math:

Meat maid = +4 adventures per day

Chef in a box (let’s say you are making two of the elite pastas like Hell Ramen each day and one regular pasta dish) = +5 adventures per day

Bartender in a box (you are going to need 5 two-step, advanced cocktailcrafting drinks per day (like calle de miel) and one other drink which you can sometimes find, but sometimes craft, so only counts as .5 per day) = +10.5 adventures per day

The only other variable is that the bartender and chef will explode eventually, but it is really not that big of a deal. So, for efficiency’s sake, bartender in a box first, then chef in a box, then meat maid.




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