Strategy: (Caution Spoilers!) Me and My Nemesis for Seal Clubbers

15 03 2010

So I went through the me and my nemesis quest for Seal Clubbers (on the volcanic island) and I totally have it figured out: Here is how you do it (this is a spoiler)

You have to collect A LOT of stuff from the mother seals: Here is how to do it:
1. Upgrade item drop as much as possible.

2. Use an item to hurt but not defeat the baby seals to make them cry; I used the seal tooth.  Every time you make a baby hellseal cry the odds of a mother hellseal showing up increases, however, so does the mother hellseals level (in fact, I think it doubles every time you make a baby seal cry).  The trick here is to make baby hellseals cry until a mother hellseal shows up; at that point, just keep fighting without making the baby hellseals cry, otherwise the mother hellseal will be too leveled up to defeat.  So just keep on smacking them and more mother hellseals will show up.

3. You must only attack the mother hellseals with a club with no elemental damage… using a non-club or deal elemental damage will cause the item drops to be ruined (torn, ripped or tattered)

That’s it!  I just used lunging thrust smack with my epic weapon and dispatched the big bosses no problem.




3 responses

22 01 2011

Thank You!!

24 08 2011

help please… i’m having trouble getting the proper item drops.

is it alright to use an offhand weapon? and my damage to the mother seal is displayed as follows:

A (+B) —-> B here is in bold font… is it alright to have this? or just plain damage (A)? thanks:)

24 08 2011

I have found that you want no bonus damage for the mother hellseals… I recommend a two-handed club and just using lunging thrust smack. You also want no elemental damage; just pure weapon damage to get a clean kill that will drop the good items.

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