Over 20 drunkeness with over 200 adventures; what to do?

23 03 2010

So, I drank up to 19 drunk (foolishly) to get to level 13 so I could ascend, good strategy, right? Wrong! There is a dungeons of doom potion or two that make you +1 drunk… so… there I was with 200+ adventures and at 20 drunkeness…  I figured out some good stuff to do in this state:

1. Push quests as far as possible: I was able to run the NS quest all the way to the hedge maze.

2. Cook and Craft: I cooked and crafted everything I could; then I sold the spoils at the Mall… ended up with about $75-$100K extra fby doing this (of course, I am in Hardcore, so it goes into savings)

3. Rest up and max out your HP and MP

4. Buff at the local buffing locale if you still have over 160 adventures. I did not have to do this, so kudos to me!

Not great advice, but it helps to have a plan.




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