Familiars: The Sinister Six: The Six best familiars available in game (not mall or clan or kbay)

1 04 2010

I was giving thought to the familiars I use (mainly NPRZ right now) and the familiars available in the game right off (not thought the mall or kBay or Clans or special events like Crimbo or beyond level 13 adventuring) and I thought it would be fun to the the six best blue-collar hard working familiars that we all have and newbies can acquire. Here goes:

1. Blood-Faced Volleyball (The low level stat gain king)

2. Hovering Sombrero (Your level 10+ stat gain professional)

3. Mishapen Animal Skeleton (An absolute beast in combat)

4. Sleazy Gravy Fairy (Does sleaze damage + bonus item drop % + equipment is easy to get)

5. Cocoabo (The jack of all trades… a lesser version of the NPRZ)

6. Ghoul Whelp (+HPs and +MPs after combat… pretty useful)




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