Familiar Preview: Slimeling

28 04 2010

I just managed to get a slimeling and I am pumped. KoL Wiki has this as a Tier I Hardcore familiar; this is my only familiar on Tier I; and it only cost me $3 Million! (The rest of the Tier I’s cost a minimum of 6.5 Million, at minimum) 

Here is the skinny:

The Slimeling works like a fairy but only on items you have yet to get… AWESOME!!!!

If you feed it equipment, you get MPs and potentially Slime Stacks (combat usable).

Here is how to get one: If you do not have slimetube access (like me), go to the /trade chat channel on KoL.  Ask to buy a Slimeling.  You will have to join another clan (and get whitelisted) temporarily and spend one adventure in the slime hole. The next day, the clan can send you your slimeling and you send off your $3Million meat! What a great value!




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