Strategy: Me and My Nemesis for Turtle Tamers (Caution Spoilers)

10 05 2010

Okay, This is still in progress as I have yet to kill the demon form of my nemesis, but here is how I got there:

The me & my nemesis quest for Turtle Tamers is designed to test two main turtle tamer traights: Familiar buffing and damage absorbsion.  At the first part, you must equip the whip you get from the guy outside the compund and use the skill it gives you five times in one battle versus a turtle wearing a beret.  Problem is, every time you use the skill, the enemy turtle gets leveled up.  To defeat them here is what I did:

I cast the spell as many times as I could (twice) before being defeated, then I cast entangling noodles (if you havn’t already, perm this skill). Then I would cast the spell three more times.  If you can do this to six turtles, you are now allowed into the chamber! I am pretty sure these monsters scale, so no muscle buffing!  Also, using a familiar that delevels or something could be useful, just do not use an attack familiar or they will kill the beret wearing turtles before you can convert them.

Now I am battling the big demon and I cannot get past it; I kow I need to use a turtle familiar to trip it up, but my damage absorbsion is not high enough to withstand the mega attack that thing unleashes.  I will try at a higher level with Tao of the Terrapin and Hero of the Half Shell and see how that goes.


I was level 14 with Hero of the Halfshell and an untamable turtle as a familiar; I used a philter of phorce and it wasn’t even a close battle. Just murdered the chump outright.  The trick is haveing enough damage absorbsion/damage reduction/HPs to withstand those monster attacks. Nice!




2 responses

12 05 2010

Scented massage oil is key to winning the fight. As long as you can withstand one mega attack, just keep using the oil.

28 12 2010

I agree scented massage oil worked for me. Also 3 gobs of wet hair and 2 golden rings.

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