Strategy: Embracing the Inner Bounty Hunter

26 05 2010

When I think about Star Wars and who I relate to, it is Boba Fett, no doubt. So bounty hunting in KoL, though there are “no disentigrations”, it still suits me: Though obtaining 200 filthy lucre is a flat nuts goal, the skill it provides is awesome.  So I have decided to run a bounty hunt each day until I have the skill and the hound dog and the outfit.  So here is how it has been going:

I run a bounty hunt first thing each day and this is actually really useful in the game as I get to level up and farm without having to level up and farm; I am on a bounty.  The real trick is picking a bounty hunt that suits your needs and gives you food or booze or future quest items or campground items and avoid bounty hunts that take you to places with lots of noncombat adventures and useless garbage…  Also try to bounty hunt at your level to avoid getting squashed or not leveling up enough (Mind control device is useful for this if you must).

Overall, taking a bounty hunt each day has not slowed my ascensions that much if at all, surprisingly.




One response

19 10 2010

Just wanted to comment on this – the skill is worth it. The skill is absolutely worth it.

Transcendent Olfaction. When used on a monster, it skews the random-monster selection in favor of that one, making it 4-5 times as likely to show up.

First use is, obviously, helping bounties go more quickly. That said, it has other uses in-run. Searching for white pixels? Olfact a Blooper. Need that goat cheese? Olfact a Dairy Goat. Desperately need a particular letter for your [spoiler]? Olfact, olfact, olfact. It just plain rocks.

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