Skill-set strategies

4 11 2010

I have been in Hardcore/Skill collecting mode for a while now and I have learned that most skills are best when combined with other complimentary skills.  In fact, it is the combination of skills that is the goal, not the single skill.  Here are some of the skill sets I have put together that are super-useful

BASIC FOOD: Advanced Saucecrafting (S) and Pastamastery (P) ; the is a must have skill set

BOOZE: Advanced Cocktailcrafting (DB), Super-Advanced Cocktailcrafting (DB), and Ode to Booze (AT): I get most of my adventures from booze now; and that is a LOT of adventures.

BOUNTY HUNTER: Tracedent Olfaction (Bounty Hunter), The Magical Mojomuscular Melody (AT)

COMBAT BASICS: Moxious Madrigal (AT), Entangling Noodles (P), Amphibian Sympathy (TT); with these skills, combat is much, much easier

ELEMENTAL ATTACK: Cannelloni Cannon (P), Flavour of Magic (P)

THE SHIELD SUITE: Shieldbutt (TT), Hero of the Half Shell (TT), Armorcraftiness (TT)

There are lots more, but, I think, you need to plan your ascensions to get suites of complimentary skills to really make the game easier.




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