The truth about Tourguide runs

10 02 2011

I have done about 23 tourguide runs so far on my way to the 30 tourguide run trophy, and, for the most part, it has been smooth sailing and fun.  So, how do you pick which familiars you are going to do a 90-100% with?

1. You will need to do a Stab Bat run at some point; just do it later than sooner.

2. If you are running as a Myst class or Muscle class using Shieldbutt to fight high level monsters early, you will need a lot of MPs. So only ever consider MP giving familiars, but know this, Ghoul Whelp-types DO NOT give a lot of HP and MP… you should look for Star-Starfish types where you can stasis to refill your MP.

  3. You should probably save some of the MP familiars for the last 10 runs; as you go through the first 20, you will no doubt pick up lots of awesome buffs and skills that require lots of MP (Inigo’s immediately comes to mind).

4. If you have Superhuman Cocktailcrafting and maybe Disco Power Nap and/or a VIP pass, you will not need your familiar to give you MPs in a Moxie run; especially Accordion Thieves.  Just be conservative with your buffs (Madrigal, MMJ)

5. Be sure to take a familiars that give you money or item drops or stats or MPs…




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