Strategy: Me and My Nemesis for Saucerors (Caution Spoilers)

24 08 2011

Okay, this will just be a quick and dirty:

Let me start by saying since the valhalla redux, you should always complete the nemesis quest (+10 or +20 Karma by discarding the instant Karma you earn).  But you might want to do these in aftercore if you are going for speed runs.

Sauceror: get the viles of slime and make them into the required colors (I will fill this in later).

The boss is really easy, but there is a trick, you MUST have sauce-spheres active, minimum two, hopefully all three… the boss takes one round to remove each sauce-sphere; so get your sauce-spheres on and buff your Myst and Spell damage and hit him hard.  Also, if you are in aftercore, you can pay a buffbot a minimal amount of meat to cast the sauce-spheres on you saving you the cost of buying the skills…. huge meat saver. That’s it.




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