Hardcore Perm’d Skills Order Strategy

So, going through hardcore, picking up Hardcore Perm’d skills in the right order is paramount. Here is a list of my plan including which ones I have attained and the order I feel the skills should go. I included the character class initials by each skill. Also, note that I have this setup to run in cycles of characters to get an enjoyable, well rounded experience, not just play as a Disco bandit and Pastamancer 10 times each in a row. Also, Passive and combat skills are far preferable to me to a buff as buffs cannot combat the NS. Also, others feel Torso Awaregness is not a high-end skill, but I disagree…


  1. Advanced Saucecrafting (S)
  2. Pastamastery (P)
  3. Advanced Cocktailcrafting (DB)
  4. Amphibian Sympathy (TT)
  5. Rage Vent (Bought in the Mall for under $200K! Do it! It is an auto-hardcore perm!)
  6. Ode To Booze (AT)
  7. Superhuman Cocktailcrafting (DB)
  8. Summon “Tasteful” Gifts (My first bookshelf skill! Purchased for around $4.5 million at the mall)
  9. Mad Looting Skillz (DB)
  10. Entangling Noodles (P)
  11. Tongue of the Walrus (SC) (Ended up taking this skill over Pulverize here as I used the heck out of this skill); I will get Pulverize next time around)


Other skills I need to plot the plan for… I am open for ideas.

  • Fat Leon’s Phat Loot Lyric (AT)
  • Pulverize (SC)
  • Leash of Linguini (P)
  • Spingy Fusilli (P)
  • The Moxious Madrigal (AT)
  • Empahty of the Newt (TT)
  • Impetuous Sauciness (S)
  • Smooth Movement (DB)
  • Astral Shell (TT)


and so many more…


One response

22 06 2011
Roelof Wagner

I would recommend you to do amphibian sympathy third and Mad Looting Skillz second but that’s just a suggestion… I started out perming Pastamastery and did Saucecrafting second, I couldn’t make reagent potions my first run but I found some crazy alternatives, at least I had my stomach filled everyday. Growing Knob Mushroom’s in a Mushroom Farm isn’t so bad either since you can cook them with Reagents and cook the sauce with noodles continuously and then you are guaranteerd of unlimited good food and at least 50 free adventures everyday, count some more food up, booze, items at rollover, 40 adventures bu default and you can be very busy everyday, it makes a post-NS13 hardcore run easily possible in less then a week.


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